Alice NightOne Device Icons

The following icons (see Figure 2) may be displayed on the top of the device. Each icon is associated with a sensor or device connection, except for the Good Study Indicator (see Figure 3). The icons are displayed to guide sensor application or to show sensor or device status. The icon status is displayed based on the associated connection.

Figure 2. The effort belt, nasal cannula, and pulse oximeter icons

  • If these icons are solid green, it means the sensors are connected and working properly.
  • If one of these icons is flashing yellow, it means that the associated sensor needs to be connected, or the device is not getting a good signal and the current connection needs to be adjusted.  Try removing and reapplying the sensor or adjusting the sensor placement until the icon appears solid green. It may take a few seconds for the icon to change from yellow to green after you connect or adjust a sensor.

The Good Study Indicator displays how much good quality data the device has gathered for an amount of time set by your provider. To view the Good Study
Indicator at the end of a study, first check that the device has stopped recording. The 4 parts of the good study indicator can light up separately.

Figure 3. Good Study Indicator