Jessica Brock, CRNP

Jessica Brock, CRNP is a native of Mobile, Alabama. Jessica earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing from the University of South Alabama. She joined Pregnancy Sleep Physicians – a Division of Pulmonary Associates of Mobile in 2008. Jessica is a mom to two.
In her time away from work, she enjoys reading her favorite book “Journey of a Germ” to preschoolers to teach them the importance of proper handwashing, working as a lane timer at swim meets, and is actively involved with the Athletic Booster Organization with her children’s school. Her children are actively involved in sports – from soccer to baseball, volleyball, and most recently, tennis. She enjoys baking and making themed treats for their schools, but after baby #2, realized that signing up to bring paper products to the parties was the way to go! Jessica’s favorite time is when she gets to sleep in on Saturday mornings and wakes up to the sound of her children watching College Game Day in the living room.